Honorable Iniciatic Council

Official notice No.6

                                                                                              November 17, 2009

Very Respectable Brothers Getuls of the Supreme Order of the Aquarius PAX!

Receive a fraternal greeting. In this official notice we share them on:

  1. New International Directory of Getuls.
  2. Current Project or under development of VR. Getuls.
  3. COSIC’s participation in the construction project of the International Ashram of Cuzco.
  4. Meeting of the first degree.

 1. New International Directory of Getuls.
In the ICG meeting realized the past July in Coatepec, we agreed to change and simplify the format of the census of Getuls.

We should like to thank V.R. Gts. Pablo Emilio Beltrán for his work and to the V.R. 120 Brothers Getuls that –despite the technical difficulties- continued to send censuses, also thank his understanding and support of this new application; we learned of the difficulties and errors of this experience, he joined a large professional technical team that has been involved every Monday during the last three months in the design, development, testing, and corrections, so both the filling data, sending and recollection, the protection policies and security measures of the database, processing and reports of these policies can be agile, reliable and effective for all.

We ask carefully to all the V.R. active Getuls your valuable and gentile collaboration with their data, assuring them that this new format is simple, easy to fill out and send and very important to make the new directory of Getuls, that have a very simple and important objective:

How many we are, where we are and in which project we are sharing our potential and experience.”

For the mission, and projection of the SOA, is much needed update who are members of the first degree and integrate a dynamic and organized real representation of Getuls members.
Is fundamental for realizing this network, that each COSIC name –and notify us- a representative of the first degree that watch and ensure that all colleagues active Getuls submit their data as soon as possible and assist any who have no experience o access to the internet.

The Getuls International Coordination appreciated the valuable, consistent and generous dedication by the technical team worked on this, integrated by:

Gn. Luis Márquez, Venezuelan, resident in Boston, USA
V.R. Gts. Javier Álvarez, form México.
V.R.Gts. Antonio Lopez, Mexican, resident in New Jersey, USA.
Gn. Landolfo Espinosa, from Nicaragua
Gn. Luz María Méndez, from México

This team will continue collaborating with the IGC with new projects concerning new professional designs of different phases of the database -in the case of the R. brothers Gegnián Luís, Luz María y Landolfo, and in the moderation of the site and updates to the V.R. Getuls of the team.

We appreciated and welcome also the valuable collaboration as translators Gagpa Alberta Boccato from Italy and Gelong Felipe Ormonde, from Brazil.

 2.-Current projects or under development of V.R. Getuls.   

The sense for us to move on the basis of projects allows us to focus and concentrate vision, creativity and experience accumulated in a project which crystallizes and drives consciousness in the flow of ... in this case, lets the Getuls create, define, develop and implement a plan in which project a clear area of interest that has been developing a greater health and awareness to share how and who join to convey what is a iniciatic process served you and - living the keyword- enable their potential, contribute with  their experience to humanity and further finest tuning the Getuls mission.

The invitation of submit your projects - existing or under development - intends of lead in the first degree Exchange and inspiration among colleagues of the being in your area to help raise the health and the Awareness in humanity.

The Coordinator of These projects, V.R. Gts. José Luis de León continues to receive them, and after the creation of the directory will raise to the first degree website so the Getuls have access to them. Contact: VRGts. José Luís Díaz de León   jldeleon@uabcs.mx

 3.-COSIC’s participation in the project of the construction of the international Ashram of Cuzco.

We have the ability to continue to promote the concretion of this Ashram, involving a relevant energy work on the cordillera of America and the world; There are some COSIC carried focused activities to generate well-being in the community and income to contribute generously to It to realize this project: thank you!. We are at a very good time to continue or start backing spiritual profit-generating activities for the Economic and human beings for works requiring the Ashram.

 4.-Meetings of the first degree .

   a)Plenary meeting of the International Getuls Coordination in Coatepec, July 24 and 25, 2009.  

At the heart of the Meeting of the order, with the joy of the meeting and reunion between brothers and friends, having the presence and inspiring participation of the VSA José Marcelli, OS, of the MH. Sat Chellah and the H. Guru Javier Ferrara, Gerardo Motoa and Carlos M. García, we met in the plenary of the IGC, which benefited with the participation and representativeness of about V.R. 70 Getuls, who shared valuable projects undergoing in its sector and took awareness of the importance of the work of the first degree in line, through the Getuls network.

   b)South American meeting of Getuls in Chile, January 2010

Contact: V.R. Getuls Ivonne Galvez Castillo ivonnegold17@yahoo.es

    c)Getuls world meeting in Colombia, 24 and 25 June 2010  

With great enthusiasm, V.R. team of Getuls, Promoters of meeting world Getuls 2010 continues to show us the many attractions that offer Colombia -Apart from the meeting - a great opportunity to share among colleagues, After of Kumbha Mela 2010. Please contact: V.R.Gts. Sonia Castillo Martínez getuls2010@gmail.com

We are taking the first steps in 61 years of the era, throwing to walk a vital force for - from implying and mobilize the understanding of the key word of the first degree - participate in the raising of consciousness of humanity. We have so much to do... your participation is important.

A cordial hug

Gl. Gracia Belart Torrecilla                              Gts. Leticia Ramírez Ruiz  
CIG Coordination                                         Technical Secretary


For more information write to: directorio.getuls@aguador.org